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Our Products

Leather leaf fern (Baker), Tree Fern (Asparagus Virgatus), and Phoenix Roebellini are staples in the industry and our main cut foliages. Each one is cultivated in the Costa Rican micro climate where it flourishes. We offer many packing presentations to match your customers' requirements.

Tree Fern


Our favorite

Tree Fern

Our Star Product

Tree Fern

A sparagus Virgatus, a subtropical ornamental foliage, is known in the industry as tree fern. Grown in our Central Valley location from selected asexually reproduced plants that produce little flowering, we are able to ship fronds with a high quantity of needle-like hairs. Attention to detail during harvest, high tech natural post harvest dips and quality controlled cooling management make for a long lasting product. Available by ocean container!

Tree Fern Characteristics
Type Size(cm) L/W/H Bunch/Box Stems Bunch Volume Weight Actual Weight
Tree Fern 74 X 41 X 23 30 20 11.63kg 6.00kg
Tree Fern at Intragreens
A sparagus Virgatus is known in the industry as tree fern
Tree Fern grows in the Central Valley of Costa Rica
Tree Fern - Available by ocean container at Intra Greens

Rumhora Adiantiformis

Costa Rica has positioned itself as the number one worldwide supplier of the floral industry's most important cut green. Although leather leaf is grown in more than one of the country's microclimates, the last 45 years have taught us that a band of soil near the Poás volcano at approximately 1500 meters above sea level has proven to yield some of the highest quality green leaves the industry has ever known. IntraGreens' production comes from the heart of this area.

Using a high amount of organic soil amendments guarantees the dark leaf with a shine that distinguishes our product from the competition. All of the cutters/packers on the plantation have years of experience grading bunches. We do not ship leaves with black and/or red spores

Leather Leaf Characteristics
Type Size(cm) L/W/H Bunch/Box Stems Bunch Volume Weight Actual Weight
Large Fern 72 X 54 X 26 35 20 16.85kg 15.00kg
Large Fern (12) 73 X 46 X 14 12 20 7.83kg 6.00kg
Medium Fern 62 X 40 X 24 30 20 9.92kg 8.80kg
Junior Fern 54 X 34 X 19 20 20 5.81kg 4.50kg
Costa Rica has positioned itself as the number one worldwide supplier of Leather Leaf
Intragreens is a proud exporter of Leather Leaf
Leather Leaf uses a high amount of organic soil amendments
Intra Greens ships leather leafs with no black and/or red spores

What we strive for

Our mission is to to cultivate, export and supply the global Floral Industry with consistent high quality cut foliage while operating under internationally recognized environmental, social and accounting norms.

Our vision is to be the floral industry leader in innovating new crops and how to cultivate and present established products more efficiently.

Box Sizes

New products, new methods of packing, documenting freshness, are all continually being innovated at IntraGreens. We believe in making life easier for our end user, so we are constantly looking for ways to improve logistics, consistency, packing as well as new cut foliages. Have ideas on how to better serve your market? Please contact us!

Exporting Possibilities

Whether located in Europe or the USA, we can arrange to get our products to you via ocean container to avoid expensive air freight even if you don't need a full container! No customer is too small to buy direct from the farm. Inquire for more details

Accolades at IntraGreens

Our Accolades

Few growers in Central America can boast of having both MPS “A” and MPS GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certifications. This internationally renowned environmental and social auditor only emits these certifications after a company passes a tedious annual audit. Since 1981, all the employees under the wing of IntraGreens have been able to depend on the company to provide all the Social Benefits which are required by Costa Rica law.

Environmental Policy

Intragreens is documented as strictly adhering to both Costa Rican environmental legislation as well as international guidelines.

Our Environmental Policy at IntraGreens